Popular Photography & Imaging



The November, 2003 issue of Popular Photography & Imaging magazine introduced a new feature entitled The Short List. I was one of four photographers featured in the article, which included a two-page spread of my black and white photographs of Indiana.


The cover of the November 2003 issue of Popular Photography.


Introduction page of The Short List, an article the November 2003 issue of Popular Photography featuring photographs by Christopher Crawford.


A two page spread of photographs by Christopher Crawford, published in the November 2003 issue of Popular Photography.


Text from the article featuring photographs by Christopher Crawford in the November 2003 issue of Popular Photography. The portrait of Chris was made by his four year old son, MacKenzie Crawford.


The little photo of me in the article was made by my son when he was 4 years old, using a disposable Fuji Quicksnap camera. I had some of his photographs, including the one of me, on my website. The magazine's photo editor, Monica Cipnic, thought that it was awesome that I had introduced Mack to photography, so she asked is they could use his photo of me instead of a professional headshot. He was excited to be published!

Mack later became both a software developer and a professional artist. He specializes in 3D rendered illustrations of spacecraft. He is an illustrator for NasaSpaceflight.Com, and has done commissioned work for several aerospace companies and universities. He completed his degree in computer science from Purdue University in May, 2020.