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You Are On Your Way To Hell...

When I was a child, I always remembered driving past the signs nailed to the trees along Taylor Street, across from Portage Middle School, In Fort Wayne, Indiana. The first one said "Sin has an awful cost. Its repent or pay!" The second one, a short distance from the first, said "You are on your way to Hell - or Heaven. Proceed with caution."

There was a small church there, and they probably put up the signs, which remain in place many years after the church closed down and was demolished. I've seen many other signs imploring people to stop sinning, go to church, accept Christ, etc. all over Indiana in the many years that I have been photographing my home state. Most of them were put up by individuals, rather than churches or other religious organizations, and many of them are now quite old. I have found many in my travels in other states as well, though Indiana seems to have more of them than the other states that I have visited.

Many of the Christian signs that I have found were accompanied by patriotic signs, American flags, etc.

This portfolio includes photographs of those religious signs, as well as some of the more unusual churches that I have encountered and businesses using religion for profit.




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