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Grandpa's House

My grandfather, Charles Crawford, passed away from Alzheimer's Disease on December 14, 2008 after a life of 84 years. He was one of those people who was everyone's friend. He knew everyone it seemed, and everyone loved him.

These are the photographs I have made of him and his home over the years. I spent a lot of my childhood here. The pair of old metal Motel Chairs that sat beside the house as long as I could remember brought about an interest in them that resulted in me photographing pairs of them all over rural Indiana.

I have few photographs of grandma since she didn't like being photographed. I regret not photographing her anyway because now she had been gone for several years when grandpa died. His old grey cat, Molly, who was such an important part of his life died on April 23, 2010. Small animals everywhere celebrated, for she had killed more than 9000 other animals in her 19 years.

Now that he's gone too, his home will likely be torn down by developers and replaced with another of the shopping centers or restaurants that now surround his once rural and isolated land and there will be nothing left to remember him but these images.




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