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Waynedale Plumbing Supply

Waynedale Plumbing Supply is a small plumbing shop on Lower Huntington Road in the Waynedale area of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Inside, the little brick building looks like a place trapped in the past. Ancient plumbing fixtures and faucet parts made decades ago are still on display. The store's 84 year old owner, Virgil Hoke, still runs the store by himself. He still uses an old manual typewriter and says, with pride, that he has never used a computer in his life! For many years, a mean old cat named Lucky kept him company, usually laying on the counter next to the cash register.

The back room is a workshop, complete with a metal lathe for fabricating parts, where Virgil used to repair faucets and other plumbing fixtures. Behind the store, Virgil fills propane tanks. Although he is a little more expensive than some other places in Fort Wayne, I always take my grill's tank to him when it needs a refill.

The store was opened in 1943 by Charles Schmidt, who built the current building in 1946. In 1950, Virgil Hoke and his older brother, Homer, bought the store. They ran it together until Homer's death at age 88 in 2011. Virgil is trying to sell the store now, so that he can retire after 68 years of work.




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