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A young man rides his bicycle past Taqueria Coahuila, a Mexican taco restaurant whose brightly painted orange building looks like it was transported from Mexico and dropped into an inner city neighborhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Taqueria Coahuila Taqueria Coahuila

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Taqueria Coahuila

Taqueria Coahuila looks like it was lifted from a small town in Mexico and dropped into Fort Wayne's inner city. A taqueria is a restaurant that specializes in tacos, and this place is the real thing, not the Americanized simulation of comida Mexicana found at most "Mexican" restaurants in the United States.

Taqueria Coahuila is on South Clinton Street, a couple blocks north of South Side High School. I ate there with a friend six or seven years ago. The owners and employees were all immigrants from Mexico who didn't speak English well (and I didn't speak Spanish back then like I do now), but the food was great.





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