Rural Indiana and the Midwest

Rural Indiana farms and landscapes

Rural Indiana Places


Lonely Tree in a cornfield on Lima Road in rural Allen County, Indiana.

Lonely Tree On Lima Road


The small town of Willshire, Ohio.

Willshire, Ohio: Population 397


Abandoned farmhouse on County Road 100W near Interstate 69 in Huntington County, Indiana.

The Dead Pig House


Barns and landscapes in Steuben County, Indiana.

An Afternoon in Steuben County


Abandoned Farm on Feighner Road

Abandoned Farm on Feighner Road


Abandoned church used as a barn in rural Indiana.

Abandoned Church on Hoagland Road


The Sheep Farm

The Sheep Farm


Abandoned House on Indiana State Road 18

House on State Road 18


Wedding dress in the attic of an abandoned farmhouse

The Wedding Dress


Rex's Barber Shop

Rex's Barber Shop

Small towns in Indiana

Indiana's Small Towns


Landscapes in heavy fog on the morning of December 7, 2015 in rural Allen County, Indiana.

A Warm and Foggy December Morning


Road trip to northwest Ohio and Ida, Michigan

Road Trip To Ida


Foggy Days in February

Foggy Days In February 2008


Abandoned House surrounded by old trucks

Graveyard of Trucks


Abandoned Brindle Homestead farm in Allen County, Indiana.

Brindle Homestead


Abandoned farmhouse on Washington Center Road in Allen County, Indiana.

Farmhouse on Washington Center


The House Next Door

The House Next Door


Pulaski County, Indiana.

Pulaski County


Medora Brick Factory

Medora Brick Plant


Photographs of patriotism in America

American Patriotism


Louisville kentucky


Abandoned log cabins on US-33 in rural Elkhart County, Indiana.

Log Cabins in Elkhart County


Photographs of the small town of Churubusco Indiana.

Churubusco: Turtle Town


You are on your way to Hell

You Are On Your Way To Hell...


Abandoned farmhouse at the corner of Coverdale Road and Airport Expressway.

Farmhouse on Airport Expressway


Abandoned farmhouse on Till Road in Allen County, Indiana.

Farmhouse on Till Road

One-room brick schoolhouse



Photographs of old metal motel chairs

Motel Chairs


The small rural town of Mexico, Indiana

Mexico 1/2 Mile


Trees in a field on Yohne Road near the republic Services landfill in Allen County, Indiana.

Trees on Yohne Road


Photographs of 87 year old farmer Richard Youse and his cats in his ruined old farmhouse

Richard Youse


Summer Kitchen on Winters Road in Allen County, Indiana.

Summer Kitchen on Winters Road