My Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne is a city of 250,000 in the northeast corner of Indiana, and the state's second largest city. I was born in Fort Wayne in 1975, and have lived most of my life here.

When I was young, Fort Wayne was a thriving industrial city with a large and prosperous middle class. Men like my father could graduate from high school, as he did in 1968, and immediately begin work in jobs that paid solidly middle class 'family man' wages.

By the time I graduated from high school, that was all gone. The deindustrialization of the United States has hit Indiana's cities hard, and even university graduates here now usually work for pay that is barely above minimum wage. The sad thing is that Fort Wayne has fared better than many other industrial cities in the midwest.

These portfolios represent a number of projects, some still in progress, in which I have documented Fort Wayne and some of the city's more interesting neighborhoods, people, and places.

Photographs of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne Portfolio


2016 Fourth of July fireworks in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Fourth Of July 2016 Fireworks


A group of teenagers flying a sky lantern at the 2015 Fourth of July fireworks in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Fourth Of July 2015 Sky Lantern


100 year old General Electric factory in Fort Wayne Indiana.

The Last Days of General
Electric in Fort Wayne

Wedding dress in the attic of an abandoned farmhouse

The Wedding Dress




Photographs of a protest against circumcision by Bloodstained Men, a mens rights organization.

Bloodstained Men


Photographs of Christmas decorations in Indiana.

Christmas Kitch


Time Corners Barber Shop in Fort Wayne

Time Corners Barber Shop


You are on your way to Hell

You Are On Your Way To Hell...


Norton's Motel

Norton's Motel

Lynda Farley and her Liberty Van, which is covered in signs advocating for smokers rights and for rightwing causes and conspiracy theories.

Lynda Farley's Liberty Van


Construction site for a new Family Dollar store on a vacant lot on Bluffton Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Vacant Lot To Retail Store


Photographs of a foggy morning in Fort Wayne, Indiana

A Foggy April Morning
in Fort Wayne


Photographs of patriotism in America

American Patriotism


The little chapel in the Prairie Grove Cemetery in the Waynedale area of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Prairie Grove Cemetery Chapel


Photographs of the historic Wells Street area of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Wells Street